Then Sings My Soul…HAVE PATIENCE!!! :)

As most of you probably know, I LOVE MUSIC.  Being a busy mommy now, I know the best place I can be in the evenings is home with my kids, helping them with their homework, eating dinner with them, cuddling on the couch with them for an episode of Wonder Pets, saying prayers with them and tucking them in at night- whew!  No WONDER I’m tired all the time- that’s a LOT of stuff to do. That’s a lot to type!  And that’s just in the evening! LOL

Anyway, even though I’m not touring or even performing locally as a solo act, I still write songs.  They come to my head and don’t like to leave until I write them somewhere or finish them.  Songs are words to a melody, so they are easier to remember than just the words.

I wrote one this month on Patience and sang it on the phone the other night to my folks.  Even though I’m sure they couldn’t hear it very well and it was simple in rhyme and melody, I know it made them smile (even cry a little bit but it was “happy crying” like my kids call it so it’s ok.)

Music has a way of speaking to our souls in a way that words alone can’t.  Songs bring experiences back to our memory in a way the mind couldn’t by itself.

For example, whenever I sing The First Noel I remember singing it as a duet with my father for a church activity.  We even gave our daughter Sophia the middle name of Sophia due to this experience.  That is a tender memory for me, practicing with him and performing since he cannot sing now like he once used to due to his medical condition.  But I look forward to singing with him like that again someday in heaven.

When I hear the song Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel) I think of all the nights I wanted to “stay up all night planning our whole lives” LOL (that’s one of our inside-jokes) and my sweet hubby knew to just sing this to me quietly and hush my worries and fears.

When I’m feeling down or even depressed, hymns give me a LOT of comfort.  I think I’ve probably sung “I Need Thee Every Hour” in my head a zillion times! Even while changing diapers!  Whatever it takes to keep a brave attitude during kids having the flu and other issues.  I even sang my song about Patience in my head while trying to rock a crying baby to sleep the other night.  The chorus goes like this:

Every minute of every day
I’m gonna let You lead
Your way is my way
Every hour of every night
I’m gonna trust in You
Things will be alright ‘cuz
Whenever I’m down I know you’re around

Yeah, life may be low but deep in my soul
I still know
It will all make sense someday
But until then I pray
“Give me patience”

If you need a lift-me-up today, and want something spiritual consider this amazing rendition of How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood.

Music is powerful, and I am so grateful it is!


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