"The Life Worth Living"

I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking lately.  Maybe a little too much, since it’s been over a month since I’ve written!  I can’t believe how fast the last few weeks have passed…

During my pondering my sister happened to email me a poem by President Boyd K. Packer called an Unfinished Composition.  His words inspired me to write my own poem, something I would want left behind to represent me and my view on life to my posterity.  I suppose the recent Mother’s Day holiday also inspired my wanting to write (BTW Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all!)  So here it is…

“The Life Worth Living”
By Eva Melissa Barnett

The life that’s worth living
Is not what you’d expect
It’s the life that’s spent giving
It’s one that reflects
The life of the Master
On this rugged road
It shares its laughter
Bears another’s load
It doesn’t seek fame
Or the world’s power
It lives by faith
Each minute, each hour
It’s hopeful and careful
To not rush to doubt
Instead it is prayerful,
Humble, Devout
It relishes peace
And the teaching of children
This life finds relief
In just being near them
It’s the life that is grateful
For all that is earned
And feels thankful
For each lesson learned
It sings out its praise
And journals it too
It sees everyday
From a heavenly view
It’s willing to sift
Through the trials and pains
For the greater gift
Of the knowledge gained
And by reaching and giving
To so many lives
The life that’s worth living
Truly never dies
No, the life that’s worth living
Truly never dies

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