Having Our Cake & Eating It Too!!

9 years ago Chad and I were married.  While we did a few special things this last month to celebrate (even though it’s been tough with him being laid off) we were creative, and one of my favorites was feeding each other cake again!

First I made a mini, slightly different version of our wedding cake.  This one had 9 candles on it since I see our anniversary as the birthday of our family…

 Trying to light the candles while we sing…”Happy Anniversary to us!”
 Everyone blowing out the candles!  Then Sammy just watching the smoke swirl. 😉
 Notice how Sammy is already helping himself to the cake! LOL
Then we went for it!
And the kids went for it!
Getting married to Chad was the biggest decision of my life and meant the start of our amazing, enduring, crazy family.  Each anniversary I can’t help but ponder a little on each beautiful addition we’ve been blessed with- each of our three kids.  We keep working at our marriage most of all for them.  They remind us why we love each other.  They make our life sweet and keep us going.  I’m so glad we celebrated our anniversary with our children, as an entire fun, family!  ‘Till Tomorrow!  Luv, Eva

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