"Sprinkler" Drops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens…These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I meant to post this last night, but instead went to bed when my husband did.  Usually any writing happens during our TV watching time and then editing and posting happens once he’s in bed asleep.  But I left the computer to fall asleep beside him, which is fitting because it is a simple joy I treasure and feel blessed to have, and that’s what this post is about.  So much of my depression has been helped by just feeling more grateful.

There really are many simple joys in life if we choose to see them.  Being tight on money is actually great for helping you find these.  I can’t afford taking my kids to the movies or theme parks, but we have special moments anyway.  We have dance parties to Pandora or my old CD’s from high school.  I love seeing my kids jumping on the beds and swinging from their bunk beds to Ace of Base or Backstreet Boys.  It’s priceless.

Some simple joys are quieter, like when I walked in to see Sophia taking a catnap, beside her cat.
This kitten in all its miniatureness is so precious!  (And yes, I know miniatureness is not a word.)

Looking back to harder times, I remember thinking a counselor was crazy when her response to my anxiety during crying, colicky baby moments was “Be grateful they have healthy lungs!  Just feel happy that they CAN scream that loud!”  After hours of crying, really?  Even times when I had to pull over the car because I couldn’t drive with all that screaming?  I was supposed to feel grateful?

But now, I know she was right.  There is always something to be grateful for.  Even when you have no income, you have to use food stamps, and you don’t have any family living close by.
There are Simple Joys to get us through the harder moments if we look for them.  At least my husband is still alive.  At least he WANTS to work.  At least he has skills and a degree and is trying to use them.  At least the economy is getting better.  At least I have food stamps.  I’m grateful for them.  I’m grateful for a working phone and internet connection so I can speak with family and show them pictures of kitty-kid-moments.
 I’m grateful I have great, loving relationships with my parents and sisters, so I actually have people I miss.
On my recent birthday one of the most precious moments I had was when Michael gave me some flowers from our rose bush.  He was so sweet and sensitive and adorable holding out those roses for me.  I felt so loved & thankful.  And it didn’t take a lot of planning- he’s only 5!  Or any money.
I don’t need to see the latest blockbuster or ride a loop-to-loop on a roller coaster to feel joy.
Real joy is bigger than that.  But it can still be found in a little boy giving you a flower or a gentle moment like this…
 God never wastes a day on us.  He gives us the warm sun, a light breeze, and the opportunity for precious joyful moments.  I’ve been in the pits.  I’ve felt so sad inside I wanted to end everything.  I’ve thought I wasn’t good enough to be a wife or mother.  But in those moments of despair I’ve prayed for help in seeing the good.  And He’s helped me see it.
It’s still up to me to choose to embrace those joyful truths.  But when I do I am so much happier.
 And I see that life, even with all its challenges and pain is still beautiful.
Choose to appreciate those Simple Joys.  They don’t last long.  Beautiful napping children wake.  Fun songs end.  Flowers wilt.  Kids grow up.  The sun sets and the day is over.
But the starry night is beautiful too…if we just open our eyes to see it.
‘Till Tomorrow!  Luv, Eva
P.S. Some spiritual enlightenment on helping see the good can be found here.

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