Just Around The Corner…

The other day I came across this scene in my hallway…
My immediate mental reaction was “Ugh!”  The kids know not to move the kitty food from its spot and not to throw it everywhere, so why did they do this?!  No doubt I was already in the middle of cleaning something else, and now had another chore added to my list.
But before any excessive yelling I decided to investigate a little.
I walked around the corner and saw this….
Yup, Sammy had seen the kitties sleeping on the bed and decided to bring them some food, and snack a little himself too.  That’s why his cheek is puffy.  He loves to “share.”  Gross, I know.  But to a mommy, still pretty-dang adorable!
Here he is saying “Uh-oh!” because he knows he made a mess on the bed and isn’t supposed to be eating the kitty food.  Yes, Sammy.  Uh-oh!  Still, all the while he is cuddling them and those little kitties are purring and happy.
I was so glad I hadn’t freaked out about that initial mess in the hallway.  I had no idea that mess was just part of the process of Sammy helping feed these cute kitties.  With his age and skill set, there was some collateral damage but the end result was still something sweet.
 Looking at that kitty food mess spread across the hall, I had no idea such a precious moment was just around the corner.
Simply put, sometimes what we see as a mess is just a step in the process towards finding something wonderful.  God knows all things and sees the big picture.  He knows what’s around the corner in this life and what is there waiting in the next life.  Sometimes, too often I’m afraid to admit, all I see is the mess.
It takes faith to keep walking and see what’s around the corner.
But there is joy when we have the courage to do so!  Imagine being in labor and then quitting childbirth before seeing that beautiful baby?  It would be crazy to stop!  Or pulling a watermelon off the vine and eating it before it’s ripe?  I’ve done that.  It’s disgusting!  Sometimes, most of the time, we have to hold our longer than we want to to but the reward does come.  The blessings always do, eventually, if we are brave enough to come around the bend of the unknown and continue onward…
I recently quit a job I really love.  It seemed like a great fit for our family’s schedule, was bringing in some reliable income, and quitting after only a month felt like I was making a huge mess.  But I know it’s the right choice for my family.  I prayed and prayed and prayed and received the same answer each time.  So I had to accept that and make peace with it.
I know it was great I made the connections I did and friends I did while I was there.  I learned a lot.  I am more grateful and humble from my experiences there.
And even if it feels like there’s a little mess right now from having to leave and train someone else and “refigure” some things out, I am excited to see what’s just around the corner.  Hope you are too!
Love, Eva

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