This Is Why We Do Hard Things

I’m going to let the pictures tell this story…
 (Imagine Sophia singing her own theme music here.)
(Looking down while whispering “Almost there.”)
“I’m Queen of the world!  I’m Queen of the world!!!!”
Doing it for a second time!
After seeing Sophia, Sammy decided to climb his own mountain…
… and did it!
So did Michael.
Then they climbed one together.
This is why we do hard things.  This is why we don’t give up.  This is why we keep going even when there’s a risk of falling.  This is why we leap even when we aren’t sure of our footing.  It’s so that at the end of all the uncertainty & fear, when we’ve finally made it to the top, we can celebrate and shout at the top of our lungs like Sophia did, “I’m Queen of the WORLD!”  It’s so we can feel alive!  It’s so we can feel the rush of excitement that only comes from moments like when we finally learn how to ride that bike or complete a pirouette, moments that are fewer and farther between as we grow older.  This is one reason I’m so grateful for children.  These pictures are unedited, pure, victorious joy.  And that joy is contagious.  It’s the reason why after Sophia climbed her mountain, Sammy & Michael climbed theirs.  And it’s why I keep climbing every day too.
Love, Eva

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