Fleeting Summer Moments

My little Sophia had been asking me for a while to set up a pool in the backyard.  I said we would but, busy with so many other errands & tasks, I wasn’t sure when.  She continued to ask & I continued to say I would get to it…eventually, when I had the time.
Then one day, I saw this…
When I asked her what it was, she told me it was a pool.  She was done building it & she was about to fill it with water.  With a careful smile I tenderly explained that her design would mean a really muddy pool, that went up to her ankles.
But, realizing this was something that was really important to her & was going to happen SOME way or another, I went and got a kiddie pool.  Just look at her excitement…
As they played I couldn’t help but notice this adorable, zippity, little bird.
I enjoyed watching him stomp over and snack on the bird seed I left on the fence for him
Then, in just a few moments of quick pecking, he was gone.
That is exactly how I view the time I have with my children.  So quick, energetic, vibrant & soon to be gone before I even realize it.  So I need to enjoy them.  I need to stop what I’m doing sometimes and just be “present.”  That is the only real “need,” precious time together TOGETHER.
And, who wouldn’t want to enjoy these sweet, fleeting summer moments?  Once I recognized the dishes could wait & the laundry wasn’t going anywhere, I just sat back & enjoyed the view.  Then all I wanted to do was sit & stare & snap photos of these excited cuties!
And yes, I even enjoyed watching our dog chew on a stick to his complete delight!
That tongue! LOL
My birdie friend returned & then fled quickly away again…
So I was reminded again to focus on my playing children, because they are growing TOO fast.  Soon summer days like this one, with a spunky 8 year-old girl, silly 3 year-old son, and fun 6 year-old son will have disappeared…just like that little girl.
They really relish the moments they have together, as they learn new ways to play, laugh and explore this world.
And I want to too.  I want to just stop & really live & enjoy each precious day more.
The cute ones…
The silly ones…
The fleeting ones…
Because I know my little ones will be grown and gone before I know it.
And I don’t want to miss a thing.  Love, Eva

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