“Life Is Pure Adventure.”

It’s been a while!  Time flies and the sweethearts are growing along with it.  I am simultaneously hurrying from one adventure with them to another while also trying to slow down and breathe in each precious moment with them.  I can relate to the spinning feeling of the homemade tornadoes!

I noticed the following quote on my calender.  It’s been there all month but I finally saw it and  absorbed it today:

“Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art.”
-Maya Angelou

That sums up quite nicely why I can’t help but get out the camera each day, even as we do things that probably seem so simple to others.  I don’t see homeschooling as mundane or boring.  I see each learning moment, each frame with my kids as art.  Teaching them gives me scenes full of wonder as I look at the world through their eyes…with amazement…and excitement.  The world has magic and adventure.

I see them and their expressions and I am reminded of how I want to see the world, new and amazing…

Here are some pictures from today’s adventures.  The pictures may look redundant to some but I see the sparkle and joy changing in their faces like a ripple from second to second as they watch their own glitter-filled tornadoes spin…

There are still moments as a woman where I wish I was doing “more.”  I have songs not  yet sung and books not yet written.  And maybe some distant day it will be the right season for those adventures. Too often I realize it’s been one day too may since I showered and I still haven’t gone in and had my hair trimmed like I planned or cleaned my house like I planned…but I have done so many better things that I couldn’t have planned.  Because you can’t plan a perfect, precious moment with a child.  You just have to be there, present, to catch it.

Right now, in these crisp afternoons of wind blown leaves and resilient sun, I choose to dedicate myself to the most captivating audience I could ask for- my children.  Because THEY. CAPTIVATE. ME.  I never regret a moment spent trying to open the world to my children.  I give them all I have and I do so willingly and genuinely, because it’s what they deserve.  It makes life more vivid  and real for all of us.  It expands the capacity we have to enjoy this incredible life.

In finding the quote I did today I was led to another:

“The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious.  The desire to reach hearts is wise.”
-Maya Angelou
I believe that by trying to reach my children’s hearts we will reach the stars together.

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