Moving On…Within

It’s a little belated to be sharing this, but I wanted to make sure it was here since I’ve spent a lot of time writing here about my Dad.  Here was my TBT and Facebook status on Christmas…and some closure…well, at least as much as is humanly possible when your heart is still open…

TBT My first Christmas ever… Today was my first Christmas without getting to kiss my Daddy on the cheek. I still miss him, but there were no tears today. Just a happy Christmas as I felt him near me, like that first Christmas many years ago. Families are forever. More than ever before I am thankful for the birth of a perfect baby boy that would make eternal families possible. Thank you Heavenly Father for sharing your Son and thank you Jesus Christ for sharing your gift of love with the world. And thank you Daddy for sharing that gift with me. This was the first scripture he ever memorized and he quoted it often to me. I quote it tonight:“For God so loved, the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. ” John 3:16 


This was my status a few days later…

Love goes on. People might have to leave us for a while. Others are still with us and need our love even more. This was the first Christmas I had a “widow” to look after. She may be my mom, but regardless of that I hope to treat her with the same care and concern President Monson had as he looked after the widows in his ward when he was a Bishop. They need us. And we need them, because they have so much strength, wisdom and love to share too. I am so grateful my kids and I have my mother.

And finally, no picture, but today’s status…

Sometimes at the end of the year I can start feeling discouraged- there are bound to be quite a few things on my to-do list that didn’t get done! And even though another brand new year is starting, that thought doesn’t help me too much.  What does help me is thinking of my Heavenly Father’s To-Do list for me and realizing I haven’t made much progress on MY own list because I’ve been working so hard on HIS- and that IS the first thing on my list, even if I didn’t move very far beyond it. I may not have been performing at firesides, but I was home for my kids at night and available when they had a bad dream or wanted to cuddle. I may not have gone on any really fancy vacations, but I paid my tithes and offerings and was able to help some people in need- and we had a great family vacation to visit more family! I only made it through 1 novel, but I did read my scriptures regularly and 100’s of kids’ books in the mornings, afternoons and bedtimes. I may not have recorded 1 song, but I did record countless moments with my kids, encouraging them and helping them know they are important. I may not have a blog with hundreds of readers, but I am doing my best to be a good friend to those I know and an influence for good in my own circles and online where I can. I didn’t run a half marathon, but I ran a 5k with both my mother and daughter, and then another with my sons in tow too. I may not be teaching thousands through a published self-help book yet, but I am teaching Sunday School, and Dance/Theater/Writing/Nature Studies to kids and hopefully inspiring them to embrace life! I AM THANKFUL my Heavenly Father trusts so many wonderful responsibilities to me. It’s been a wonderful year, and I know the best is yet to come. 

This past year has definitely been a journey…of loss, of redemption, of hope.  Thanks for being a part of it!

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