I Hope You Dance…Sammy

Today was all about teaching and I’m thankful for that.  I’m so glad I get to see my kids grow. It’s not always easy.  It’s quick!  All I had was my cell phone to snap these moments today! But I HAD to. Sammy hasn’t come to dance with me for months, but we decided to try it again today and he joined in for about half of class.  Just seeing him smiling and twirling that ribbon was worth it!

It was worth being there for him during the times he didn’t want to dance to be able to see him when he did want to dance. Sometimes waiting is the price for enjoying a victory.

Sophia was glowing in class today too. She shared her lift-the-flap art and was so happy. I have to enjoy these moments because they don’t last forever.

And not because they are growing up, though that is happening way too fast too.  It’s because by dinner time they are exhausted and tired and we are all ready for it to be bedtime. 😉

Seriously though, days like this are all a parent wishes for their child.  We long to see them being BRAVE, trying something NEW…GLOWING.  And I got to see that, today.

I hope they keep going, keep trying…keep dancing.  And I will be there for them every step of the way, just like God is for me.


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