My 6 Favorite Unplanned Photos with My Super Heroes

Recently (like, 6 months ago!) we did a photo shoot to get some new family photos for my blog and upcoming CD and book releases.  Like all our portraits, my daughter was very particular about her outfit in an adorable, quirky way, my boys were playing more than they were focusing on staying tidy, and my dear husband was getting on the shirt from his closet I told him would match best.  This was the first he’d heard about this whole family photo plan since I sprung it on him as soon as he got home from work.  But it’s the only way this kind of thing actually happens for my family!

I set up the tripod and got the automatic timer ready.  We were doing this!

20+ minutes later we had some normal looking photos of everyone.  Miracles happen!  I will be posting those next time.  But my 5 favorite photos from the day weren’t those ones, it was these…

When Sophia and I spontaneously started cracking up…
…and I couldn’t help but hug my precious daughter closer while I felt her body laugh against mine.  I don’t think either of us have ever looked more beautiful.
 When Michael took pictures of my husband and I, but I had to sit on his knee to get the angle right.  Then Sammy tried tickling us to make us laugh and the wind blew my hair into my mouth.  Look at all our faces!  Look at Sam!  So proud of himself regardless of the wind in his eyes.
Good times.
 When we were done with the family photos, but my daughter couldn’t stop sharing ideas for other photo shoots, costumes, music videos and other creative venture she dreams about.  God truly knew who to give me for a daughter.  I love her zest and dreams.
And this one, of my Michael.  As soon as he was off the hook for pictures he hurried inside where it was warmer.  But he still wanted to watch from the window.
He wanted to see what Mom was up to.
And this one.
I know what you’re thinking.  Cheater! Cheater! Pumpkin-eater! This photo’s PLANNED!  But really, it wasn’t.  Because I sat there, all ready to have my headshot taken and…I could NOT SMILE!  I felt SO self-conscious!  I was nervous.  I was confused and shocked that I was nervous.  There, in the alley by my own house, I was shy.  I was TOTALLY shy, even though it was my husband taking the photo!  I had finally pulled together coordinating outfits and schedules on a good hair day with sunny skies, and I couldn’t smile??  Seriously??  I was shocked at my own insecurities.  But then my husband stepped in and started making ridiculous faces. RIDICULOUS faces.  And I couldn’t stop laughing.  And I felt safe again.  He has always been able to put me at ease.  That was one of the first things I fell in love with about him.  That’s what I remember when I see this photo.  I remember my husband sticking up for me, and not letting me be disappointed.  I remember him saving me with his smile…
I will post the rest of the photos next time, and maybe even a couple of the really silly ones if I can get permission! LOL, I’m so THANKFUL for FAMILY.  There really are still heroes in this world, people that help us feel loved, safe, and taken care of in our moments of doubt.  My heroes are called Sophia, Michael, Sam, and Sweetheart.

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