Miracle on West Temple Street

I had something really special happen to me yesterday, that was a reminder to me of how important and loved each of us is to our Heavenly Father and our earthly father.  The way this worked out was a personal miracle.

I was invited to help film a conference this weekend.  Committing to this conference was a big choice!  Even though I had said yes to it weeks before, my mind kept going back and forth out of fear.  It’s the second one like this I’ve attended in the past month and is part of me stepping out of the safe bubble of my home, and into the professional world I’ve been dreaming of for a while.  Although I’ve taught and almost always done something for a job, it’s never been what I’ve been dreaming of doing since I was 14, be a singer-songwriter and author.  I am always a mother and wife first.  But I’ve been writing songs for a decade as a Mom, waiting for the season where I would record them and share them.  And for the past year I’ve been getting more and more promptings that that season is HERE.

But it’s scary!  I’m confident but then constantly questioning if I have the right balance between work and family, even when it’s all in my own home.  I keep thinking of just forgetting I ever had ideas of writing books or singing or speaking…wouldn’t it be easier to just not have goals??  So I’ve found myself praying for courage and confidence, that I can move onward and follow those promptings I’ve had to do this…NOW.  I pray for this daily and I’ve taken baby steps forward in faith.  Sometimes three steps forward, two steps back.

But yesterday was a huge leap forward!  I had BUSINESS CARDS and passed them out!  (Making that financial commitment was a BIG deal!  There were so many times I wanted to order some and make my dream happen but there was NO extra money- we were using change to buy our groceries!)  I even introduced myself as a singer-songwriter and blogger, ON STAGE!  I declared that my first CD would be out next month!  And people cheered and clapped!  At one point the person running the projector looked up one of my songs on YouTube and got it up on the big screen!  Seeing that was surreal. It was also crazy-lucky because it is REALLY hard to find my songs on their since they don’t have a ton of views yet – but he did!

But better than any of that (although that was all AWESOME) was noticing this wall and the company that owned the building this conference was in.

It was Westech Engineering, a firm that designs water treatment systems…just like my Dad used to.

And this wall showed several fathers and husbands who had passed away much too soon, just like my Dad too.  And just like that, I felt my Dad right there.  I even feel him close again while I type this.

The CEO of this company had graciously offered the incredible space in this building for the conference, unaware that I would be there, a daughter greatly needing support from her father at a turning point in her life.  But Heavenly Father knew.  He had heard my prayers.  So He touched this man’s heart.  And that man listened.

So there I was, on a stage for a moment, introducing myself as a performer for the first time in a long time and feeling my Daddy’s support.  I literally felt surrounded by love.  I was in the right place.  I was doing the right things.  This was where I was meant to be.  I remembered so easily him sitting in the front row of all my high school performances, hands clasped in his lap, toothy grin on his face, full of anticipation, as his glasses reflected the stage lights.  It was like he was there again, telling me I was going to do great.

It was no coincidence that the CEO was so generous in offering that space.  That was a tender mercy from a Father in Heaven.  Actually, from two.

I promise that if you will look for miracles, you will find them, you will feel them, and they will help you remember that you are NEVER alone.  You are ALWAYS watched over.  And you ARE LOVED.


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