"Hold To The Rod" FHE Activity

Tonight for Family Home Evening we reenacted Lehi’s Dream.  Such a simple and sweet activity! We let the kids rearrange the furniture and then thread a string through for a path.  Michael was eager to make a route that was really tricky!  Then we blind folded Sophia and I hugged her and told her how proud I was of her for choosing a mortal body and deciding to come to earth.  I told her to hold on tight to the Iron Rod, to listen to the Holy Ghost and that it would all be worth it.  She hugged me back so tight!
 Then as she went along her brothers shouted all sorts of distractions to make her let go.  “Let go! We’re going to go watch your favorite show!”  “I found a whole bunch of money!  Come have some”  “I’m going to go play with all your kitty stuff!  Here I go!”
 But while they shouted I whispered in her ear like the Holy Ghost does for us, “You can do it.  Stay strong.  Keep holding on and making good choices.  Don’t let go.  You are doing great!”
 It felt SO WONDERFUL to have that responsibility in this role play!  I had so many warm fuzzies inside as I whispered those words of hope and encouragement!
 Then she finally made it to the end, into the loving arms of her father that had some very sweet “fruit”…cotton candy balls!  Look at that face!  Such trust.  Such safety.
 Here’s Sammy enjoying his.
This activity reminded me of what my role really is as a parent.  I am meant to guide, love, nurture, support and cheer on these little ones.  Sometimes I am too tough.  Too harsh.  I tell myself I’m doing it “for their good” but I wonder how “good” it really is.  Today as I talked about how the Holy Ghost whispers to us I was reminded that I want to whisper more too.

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