Waiting with a Smile

This is my youngest waiting for a “surprise” I said I was going to bring him.  He was so excited he knelt on the floor with his eyes closed and put his hands in front and said “I’m going to wait RIGHT HERE with my eyes closed until you bring it to me and surprise me, Mommy!”
I wish that was my attitude towards blessings from God.  I wish I could just wait, with a big smile on my face or with my eyes gently closed, peaceful and patient.  I wish I could pray with a thankful heart bursting with wonder and just think to myself “I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to bless me with today!” full of faith that a Father in heaven ALWAYS has my best interests at heart and WANTS to bless me.  That’s what this picture makes me think of – it even looks like he’s praying!  He has so much faith in me that I will give him what he desires because I love him and take care of him.

There’s a lot I can learn from this little guy.  I’m so glad I get to every day.  I sure hope I can become more childlike as I get older.


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