Soaked But Smiling In The Rain

This year for homeschooling we were part of a wonderful book club, enjoying many biographies of great heroes and classic stories too.  As I drove to pick up my daughter from this month’s get together I could see all the girls coming back from their nature walk, the concluding activity related to the book The Secret Garden.  I had bought my daughter a leopard print (her favorite) umbrella just that morning as the reminder email had said they would be going on a walk “rain or shine.”
Only her umbrella wasn’t open.  I frowned as I pulled my car up, noticing all the other smiling girls with their bright, beautiful umbrellas popped open and bobbing along.  
Why wasn’t she using hers?
Was it broken?  Was she “too cool” for an umbrella?  Did she suddenly stop liking leopard print?

Of course I asked her as soon as she came towards me.  She just smiled, sparkly from the rain drops that had fallen on her.
“I read a quote that said something about how rain drops are like blessings, and when we use our umbrellas it’s like we’re blocking the blessings God wants to send us.  And I didn’t want to block His blessings.”
“So you walked the whole way in the rain?” 
“Yeah!” she said smiling, BEAMING, like she had just won the best prize ever.
I looked at her in amazement.  She had read something and really taken it in, to heart.  Reading does not come easily to my little girl, but feelings do.  And she had truly felt the spirit behind that quote.  So there she was, soaked but smiling in the rain.

This short, inspiring video Shower of Heavenly Blessings has the message she was talking about.  May we always look up and smile no matter what weather we might think we’re experiencing!
Love, Eva

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