"That’s OK"

Right now I have furniture in my living room that is half upholstered in one kind of fabric and half in another, because I haven’t been able to make up my mind or find what fits.  That’s OK.

I have about 5 laundry baskets full of clean laundry on my bedroom floor waiting very patiently to be folded.  That’s OK.

I have an entire house that needs to be Lysol’d because my husband has been sick, coughing and sneezing since Thursday. That’s OK.

I have picture frames and boxes and extra chairs scattered through out my living room and homeschool space as I try to figure out how I can give them a new feel without spending much.  That’s OK.

Today I filled up most, no, ALL of my day with my kids, keeping them happy and quiet so Dad could rest…so I didn’t have time to write the blog post I really wanted to write.  That’s OK.

This is my youngest, Sammy.  Today in church his shoe slipped off as I picked him up to set him on the stage so he could play with the “big kids.”  When his shoe came off his answer was “That’s OK!”  Thanks, Sammy.  You’re right.


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