Whatever You Do, You Matter Most


I only want the best in life
I’ll gladly let the rest pass by
It’s not a matter of the price
I just want what matters most
I’ll count each freckle on your face
Before I count dollars or lacey
Dresses, those can be replaced
I just want matters most


Because you can’t take it with you
Oh, no there will be no place
To check a suitcase
When you get to heaven
And you’re finally face to face
With those pearly gates
You’ll only have your heart and soul
The memories that you hold close
And that my dear is why

You matter most, You matter most
From the top of your head to your bright painted toes
You matter most, You matter most
From north pole to south, and coast to coast
You matter most, You matter most
Whatever you do, wherever you go
You matter most, You matter most
You’ve got to know
You matter most

That’s the first verse and chorus to a song I wrote called “You Matter Most.”  Motherhood is not for the faint of heart!  It’s 24-7 for the rest of your life!!!!  Even when you take a break, your heart is always still invested and your mind is always on call.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Because my kids ARE what matter most, and teaching them, loving them, and laughing with them are the most valuable ways I can spend my days.  I learn so much from them!  Patience.  Endurance.  Joy from the little things.  I’m so glad I haven’t missed those moments and those memories.  They are treasures that cannot be bought anywhere else.

Today, as I thought about these lyrics while I looked through old photos the phrase “whatever you do” stuck out to me.  I want more than anything for more my kids to know that no matter what they do I will always love them.  Their behavior DOES NOT change their value.  They are always priceless.  They are always worth more than gold.  They are always my greatest treasure.  And I need to make sure I remember that more.  That’s why I write these songs and sing them to my kids and myself.  Sometimes we forget the little things that mean the most!  May we always remember how important we all are, whatever we do, “wherever we go.”  

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