Short and Sweet

Some days go by so fast because they are so busy.  But they are just right that way.

They’re filled with work…like when I’m a cleaning lady one day a week for a senior gentleman in our neighborhood.  They’re filled with love, like when my daughter comes to help.  Or when the kids make me bouquets from weeds.  They speed by with carpools to karate, stops at the grocery store for toys and dinner.  When the day was amazingly normal, filled with getting school work done, playing at the park, having neighbors over, folding laundry together, sweeping the porch, reading before bed, saying prayers and tucking them in…all I want to do is acknowledge my deepest thanks for this day in their childhood and my youth, and drift off into my own dreamland of sleep as I let my eyes close with a smile.  

Most days aren’t like this for me.  But I will recognize the blissful peace when I’m blessed with it.  “Good night! Good night!  Thank the Lord you are well!”


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