A Smiling Sun by my Smiling Son

 We were doing art outside the other day, and even though Sammy had created this masterpiece (see above) I was trying to stall him so he would be done drawing the same time as his siblings.  Since we’ve been talking about rainbows in science I asked him to teach me how to draw one.
He was so cute, naming the colors and telling me the proper order, being surprised when a crayon that looked red really was purple and adjusting his rainbow as necessary.
Since that was still pretty quick and the other two were still drawing, I suggested he add some grass and a sky.  He was eager to continue and I was loving what he was creating.  Then I mentioned a sun…
And he was super eager to add it, but he wanted to in MARKER.  And suddenly my happy, perfect picture was in danger of being “ruined.”  Don’t get me wrong, I usually totally embrace free creativity.  I love the quirks, their uniqueness and fun styles.  But not for this piece.  I could feel my stress rising.  I was so excited about this precious rainbow picture and I simply wanted the whole thing in crayon.
But it was his drawing.  So I let him.  And his sun came out beautifully.  With a smiley face.
It was perfect.
And then he added a little person to the bottom with “no hair, but that’s OK” he explained to me.
And he’s completely right.  His person can look however he wants him too.  And he can draw with markers and crayons if he wants to.  And it will be beautiful.  It will POP. 🙂
I wonder if God ever wants to step in when we start doing something He doesn’t want us to.  I’m sure He doesn’t too much, because He is wise and He has greater vision than I ever will in this life.  I wonder if I will ever outgrow my desire to step in for my kids when their first choice isn’t the same as mine.  I would give my kids the easy, cookie-cutter path.  Too often I want them to be like everybody else, and not stand out too much.  But that’s not really the best path.  That’s not the path with the most discoveries or adventures.  I’m so glad I have kids that can remind me to try something new.  Who choose to use markers on their crayon drawing, and add smiling suns to their rainbow pictures!  They remind me to be myself, BRAVE enough to do what I want to do and not what I think everyone else wants me to do all the time.  That is so empowering!  And today I was reminded of that by my 4 year-old.  I’m so glad he’s here to teach me life lessons and art skills.

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