To Weed or Not to Weed, That Is The Question

 Today the Facebook world learned how unlearned I am in the area of Botany.  I posted these pictures asking if anyone knew what kinds of plants they were since I couldn’t tell if they were weeds.  I remembered planting some things last spring, but couldn’t remember what or where.
Thankfully friends set me straight right away so I didn’t pull any of these flowers out! (They’re Day Lilies and Columbine.)
 After pulling out the rest of the weeds I went to my first ever mentoring session where I was given some great ideas of thoughts I should weed out.  I consider myself pretty good at recognizing what thoughts deserve getting removed and replaced.  But there were some hidden weeds I hadn’t recognized until my friend pointed them out.  Also, there had been some thoughts I had labeled as “negative” or “weeds” which weren’t really those things at all.
I feel really thankful to have friends who help me in my real life weeding and growing, and emotional weeding and growing too.  I’m going to have to share more about that soon!  But now it’s bedtime. Good night!

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