Money Talks

 I’d had it with my kids.  “It’s NOT as good as theirs.”  “I’m not as fast as them.”  “Why can’t I do it like they did?”  Homeschooling is great for a lot of reasons, but getting to be the audience to phrases like this is definitely my least favorite part.  I needed to make a point.
I pulled a bill out of my wallet.
“How much is this worth?” I asked them.
“Whoah! Twenty dollars!” they shouted.  
“What if it gets crumpled?  What if it doesn’t look as nice as the other 20 dollar bills?  Is it worth any less if its corners are a little less crisp and its body is more wrinkled?  Does it matter if it doesn’t feel as ‘cool’ as the other twenty dollar bills?  Does that change its value?”
They looked at me wondering if it was a trick question.  Finally…
“No.  It’s still worth the same.”
“Exactly.  And so are you.  YOU ARE PRICELESS.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel as fast or as good or as talented or creative or smart or whatever!  It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a rough day and maybe haven’t been your best self!  You are ALWAYS PRICELESS.  You’re worth doesn’t change based on what you’ve done because you are a child of God, and He thinks your worth is beyond measure.  When you do make a mistake and you feel all wrinkled and broken, the Atonement of Jesus Christ can make you all smooth again.  But all the time, your worth is still limitless.

Then I pulled out this hundred dollar bill.

“You are worth WAY MORE than this!  Don’t ever forget it.  No matter what you do or don’t do.  YOU are my treasures.”

“OK, Mom…Can we keep the money?”

Kids. 🙂

Remember, God loves you!


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