Change, Motherhood, and Rubber Chickens

This precious photo above is from trying something new.  My daughter wanted to be one of the orphans in the local high school production of “Annie.”  Though I was a little unsure of how she would do, we went for it.  There was definitely a learning curve.  I was a brave momma and didn’t stay for rehearsals at first, even though she seemed so little at that BIG high school!  But in the end she wanted me there for run-throughs (which I secretly loved).  Her sensory sensitivity brought up a few issues but we worked through them.  And she was successful!  She SHINED!  If we had never tried it and never made changes as necessary we wouldn’t have known the sweet feelings of success.
Yesterday I tried something new.  
I didn’t blog at night.
I didn’t blog because I’m trying to shift my schedule.  Instead of writing at night once the kids were in bed (and during the only time I get to have alone with my husband), I went to bed.  I hoped to get up bright and early and get my writing done in the morning.
That didn’t happen…but that’s OK!
Because I’m writing now, in the evening, but before the kids are in bed.  It’s a step in the right direction and it might even be just the right solution.  I kind of like us all hanging out together in the living room as we unwind for the night.
 Change can’t happen unless we do something different.  We have to CHANGE if we want different results, progress, and results.  We have to be BRAVE.  And I’m so thankful for that!
If I had never tried something new I wouldn’t have started a family.
If my mom hadn’t come to America I wouldn’t have been raised here.  If she hadn’t chosen to be a devoted mother I probably wouldn’t have either.
 And I’m so glad I did!
 Because look at this wonderful, amazing friend and teacher I have in my daughter!
 Trying something new means things can be better.  It means a photo can begin like this…
 Go to this…
But eventually, with a few more tries, become like this…
and this.
Trying something new definitely can be scary.  In fact, it better be a little or it’s not that new!  We need to welcome and embrace the unfamiliar.  Get comfortable being uncomfortable.  I need to remember that, otherwise, who knows what I might miss out on in this incredible life?!  Besides, if I expect my kids to try new things I should be an example of courage too.

 I would never want to miss out on moments like these.
Here we are being photo bombed by a rubber chicken. 🙂
Love, Eva

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