Vintage Books, Angels and Love Notes

 This story is so special to me and I’m excited to share it with you!  The veil truly is thin.  We CAN receive guidance and confirmation in even the simplest of life’s decisions.  Maybe it’s because the simple little decisions can make a BIG difference.  Let me explain what happened.
Today I was going through our books and organizing, and I came across this treasure, “The Golden Book of Bible Stories.”  The dedication inside was to my Grandfather from his parents, “Dad and Mother” on April 11, 1944.  That was his 8th birthday.
Seeing this beautiful, vintage book made me think of these great-grandparents of mine.  I know they lived simple lives.  I know she was the daughter of a minister.  I know they loved their son.  I know it’s been decades since they left the earth, but in this moment that gap was gone.  I felt their love.
Then I remembered another book from them that had a dedication…to me.
I opened it up, and sure enough, there it was. I love being called “Little Eva.”
 Again, all those generations disappeared and this woman who had passed on was in my present life.  Her love touched my heart today.
Then something happened that was even more powerful.  I put these books on the shelf and grabbed the next in the stack.
This book belonged to my Daddy.  He was another person in this line of people who loved books, loved me and still do.  He loved history.  He loved reading.  He was always encouraging our own studying and discovering.  He gave me many, many books over the years, including my first set of scriptures when I was 6 and the two boxed sets of books on the shelf in this picture.
  As I put this book on the shelf with the others I realized that although my great-grandparents and Daddy have passed on, their influence and love was still shared with me today.  And it was done through a sentence or two.  It was done with a book.  It was that simple.
It was really special to see this because of a decision I made earlier today.  I had had the idea of having an exchange of notes between my daughter and me.  I was going to write something on this little board and then have her erase it and respond.  I thought we would both enjoy this sweet, simple exchange of communication.  But then I realized everything would be erased and there would be no record of it.  I wanted something for her to have after she left for college, and after I was gone.  So I decided to use a notebook instead.  One little sentence at a time, we could share our love in a book.
Then I found those books that had those small dedications in them!  I handled books my Daddy had handled!  And I felt incredibly loved.  I know the decision I’ve made to do this with my daughter is the right thing to do and will bless both of us.
I’m so thankful for ancestors and parents that show me from the other side that I’m on the right track.

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