Take Time for Your Dreams, Even if it Takes More Time Than You Expected

I know it’s not Tuesday anymore (and it wasn’t Monday this morning when I did my #musicmonday either LOL) but I need to share a belated #taketimetuesday post.  I am so thankful that I have patiently pursued my dreams while devoting myself to motherhood.  I am a full-time mom every day and night.  I work from home when I can, but between homeschooling and being there for my kids while my husband works extended hours, they need me a lot!  But it’s still been possible to find time for me as I’ve remembered patience.
I knew early on that I would not be able to juggle parenting and a profession, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t do both at some degree.  When my babies were little I read books to learn about writing while I nursed them.  I wrote songs in my mind and mentally outlined ideas for my own books while I played with kids at the park.  I practiced my singing as I sang the alphabet song and lullabies to them.  I loved being with my sweet children but I also kept a part of me and my interests alive by remembering them and working on them little by little.  There were times (many) when I wanted to start pursuing my professional goals of publishing books, public speaking, and singing, but I also didn’t want to miss out on moments with my kids (especially bedtimes) so I kept the bigger steps of my professional dreams on hold. 
But my dreams weren’t gone forever.  And now that my kids are a little older I’m getting to spend some more time on me and my goals, in addition to being a devoted mom.  That’s always the priority.  It’s my purpose!  And part of that is showing my kids they can, eventually, do whatever they set their minds to when they are patient and persistent.   
So, here it is!  A poster with me on it!  Ah!  I will be speaking at the Your Whole Life Conference focusing on Divine Beauty.  I am thrilled at this opportunity to share tools I’ve learned that will hopefully help others.  I know the Lord has given me this opportunity at the right time because it is the right time.  I’ve always put my kids first and I still can while also working toward my goals since they are older and do more on their own now.  I’m thankful that my children will get to enjoy some time with their grandma while I’m there, but that I’ll also get to tell them all about my experience sharing my God-given gifts with others.  That is a great lesson for all of us that with His help and with enough time we can do great things!  
I can’t believe I’ve been preparing for a gig like this for 10 years, but the time is here now and it’s been worth the wait.  I wouldn’t have traded the moments home with my family for anything, not even for achieving my goals sooner.  I’m grateful I trusted the Lord’s plan for me and was patient with His timing.  Doing so has allowed me to have everything I want in my life, just not at the exact same time.  There are different seasons.  But whatever your dreams, they can happen.  As long as you’re prayerful, faithful, humble and grateful, it will all work out.  Just do it the Lord’s way and you will be amazed at how your dreams will become your reality.  Take time for yourself.  Take time for your dreams.  And don’t be discouraged if it takes time to do it.  The time will come soon enough.

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