Today, I did it.

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Today, I did it. I got up early, even before this beautiful sunrise.

I finally listened to that little divine voice inside me that said, “Get out of bed, Eva. Get up NOW.”

I may have hit snooze once or twice, but unlike all the other days, weeks, and months recently, THIS time I stopped letting myself have, “Just 5 more minutes.” I got up, and you know what? Within a minute of rolling out of bed and walking out my bedroom door, I wasn’t even tired anymore. Even though I couldn’t fall asleep until past 1 A.M. last night and it was only 6 A.M. when I stumbled into my slippers. My God-given grit and faith won out. (That isn’t arrogant – I’m giving credit where credit is due.)

What did I do without any distractions of kids, phones, or my sweetheart? I rewashed the laundry that’s been wet in the washer for the past two days. I got a small snack to settle my sensitive stomach. Then I sat down in the quiet of the morning and prayed, a long prayer, the kind I thought I didn’t have time for anymore. I guess when I get up early, I do have time.

Next, I did something I always need but don’t always make time for. I listened to an inspirational message – Now Is The Time to Arise and Shine! – three times (I’ve learned that hearing things on repeat helps me understand and retain it better) while I did some paperwork I’ve been meaning to get to for months. Months! And everything she spoke was just what I needed to hear.

Then, I started working again on finishing the set up of my blog. And now I’m writing this post.

Soon I’ll switch the laundry and do some yoga or pilates to some John Legend until the kids or the hubby wake up.

And all of this was because I FINALLY stood up for myself. Literally.

I feel more alive and hopeful than I have for a while, and not because I’ve been in a terrible place but because I’m on FIRE with a feeling that I’m actually doing what I’ve been created to do- take care of my home, take care of others, and take care of myself.

Good morning, world! Say hello to a new, awakened Me. I’m so grateful that with the encouragement of good friends yesterday, the grace of God (I totally prayed for help last night in getting up earlier today) and with some stubborn persistence, that I finally followed my own advice to “Rise Up and S.M.I.L.E.”




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