8 Thoughts from 8 Social-Media-Free Weeks of Reflection

It’s been 8 weeks since I’ve taken a break from social media and did some soul-searching. Here’s what I’ve learned: 

1) I have no serious gut issues. All tests and scans came back normal (no cancer, IBS, or anything else). What I do have are some serious stressers in my family’s life. Each time those stressers find a small resolution my stomach feels better too. Now I’m working on coping with the stress in better ways so even when it’s there, my gut can feel OK.

2) God ALWAYS has my back. Through everything, even some super hard make-you-want-to-throw-something moments, He finds a way to help me know I’m not alone. I love that about Him. He sees all and knows all and will someday make it all alright.

3) I have infinite worth just the way I am. I’m beautiful just the way I am. I’m priceless just the way I am. Remembering that again was powerful.

4) Sometimes I’m tired because life IS tiring! I’m carrying a lot of burdens. But I’m a Her-cules! I’m gonna have calves of steel when I get up this mountain with my backpack of challenges! And they’ll always be more, but those will make me stronger too.

5) It’s not my responsibility to make anyone pay attention to me. Not my kids, my husband, my family, friends – anyone. I don’t need to earn their interest. I’m me, I’m awesome, and I’m enough.

6) No one is responsible for praising me but me. It’s nice when it happens. It’s nice to be appreciated. But it’s not a requirement for a good, healthy relationship. It’s my job to fill my cup.

7) There is beauty all around if we’ll look up and see it. We can choose to notice the challenges and see pain or see strength. We decide how full our cup is by our attitude and faith and the respect we show. If we see with loving eyes, we will see spectacular views.

8) I am an artist. I am a dancer. I am a musician. It doesn’t matter how frail or slow I feel. It doesn’t matter how broke I am. These parts still sleep within me and are just waiting to be awakened, revitalized and nourished. Creativity is a seed that’s ready to sprout, dance, and fly. And it’s time to rise up and start.

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