When It Takes Longer to Bloom

Last night I thought my flowers were all dead, but then I saw two buds that hadn’t blossomed yet so I left the bouquet on the table. By this afternoon it was beautiful! I couldn’t believe how stunning it was! 

Some days, seasons, and even people take longer than we like to bloom. We notice the not-so-pretty parts. We might even think about tossing out the perceived dead bouquet. 

But having patience is worth it.❤️ So worth it.

To anyone else who feels like they’ve been waiting for something in life to blossom, for waaay longer than they thought it would take, hang in there. It’s hard, I know. The best things in life are. They take time, grit and grace, and more than we want to give. They can take more effort than we ever expected.

But they often turn out more beautiful too.

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