Miracle Music

Miracles. Happen. Every. Day. I was dealing with some major PTSD triggers at the pool last weekend. I wanted to go hide in the corner and cry. I thought about letting the kids play on their own while I watched from the side. I even considered just having us all pack up and head home though we’d barely arrived. And then Rocket Man started playing. 🎶 And Saturday Night’s Alright. And Benny and the Jets! And Don’t Go Braking my Heart! ❤️ It was like an entire album of Elton John’s greatest hits was loaded in their sound system! I was shocked! I felt safe and happy and like I was back in my childhood home hearing my dad play all these songs on our piano. 🎹 

I have never heard that many Elton John songs played in a row in public. Ever. I know it wasn’t by chance. That music has always helped me feel my dad close. That day it made me feel empowered by the support I have from the other side so I could stick it out for my kids (and myself). The anxiety melted away, and we had a wonderful time together! It was like I was protected from all the stress that had trapped me. There was this shield of support and I wasn’t scared anymore! I’m so grateful for tender mercies from heaven! I know they’re real. I know they can help us and strengthen us. If we accept it, support can come anytime. Anywhere. For me, power came through 70’s music that reminded me of how greatly I’m loved by my long-distance Dad. 🎵💜👊

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