Art Therapy: Pockets of Peace during the Struggles

This post is for anyone just doing their best to survive. Who are keeping a brave, happy face even when times are unexpectedly cry-through-it tough. Especially for the moms, who try so painstakingly hard not to let their kids know how real the struggle is sometimes.

These pictures are highlights from my day. They do not exist because it was easy to get up and out the door, especially with a tummy ache. These happy moments exist because even if some arenas in my life are shaking with uncertainty, others (thank heaven!) still have richness, purpose, and beauty. There is always a balance of good and bad in our lives if we look for it. That’s what we need to develop and have depth. (It’s just darn annoying at times too because it would be so nice if life were aaaaaallllllll easy, says the girl who knows this isn’t really possible if we’re going to grow. ;))

My daughter and I had a date. After a rough attempt at sharing a Lime scooter (anxiety was high for both of us but we made it halfway!) we walked the rest of the way and ate delicious bread in a little shop downtown as we sat at the bar by the window, watched people pass by and chatted about foxes, rocks, and friends. Then we looked at art in a gallery, discussed our favorites, and had the most amazing conversation with the curator, even if she was a little shy and distracted by her uncomfortable belt (sensory stress stinks!)

My favorite moments were when she sat down effortlessly in this artist chair (she is one, after all), though I don’t know that she was supposed to, and I felt grateful and proud that she let me take her picture regardless of her being in that insecure-thirteen-year-old phase. I also loved that we were both brave enough to try the lime scooter we ditched half-way on the way there AGAIN on the way back. Yay for trying scary things again and having it barely pull up in front of our house as it ran out of money! LOL

However, there were other times today where I was sad…stretched…sinking.

But these moments out with my daughter gave me some air, clarity, and a better viewpoint with which to see my beautiful life, because so much of it really is beautiful. I’m grateful God helped me make them happen regardless of everything else.

We can’t decide how others are going to feel about life, themselves, or us. All we can do is our best, and leave the rest to God. I know this is true. Sometimes the best service we can do is recognize the gorgeous colors and vitality we have in our own lives, even if they are fleeting, because they are STILL THERE, scattered throughout the other circus acts of stress. And that’s something to be grateful for and celebrate, no matter what else is hurting.

That’s being a faithful disciple of Christ and a good human in this arena of adventure called Life.

Even if other parts of the day were hard, and even some of our date was too (she is a teenager! 😉 ) the good times were still sooooo good. The positive moments were highlights, just minutes really here and there, but those minutes are my treasures.

I’m granting myself grace to see that. I think God would want me to. I KNOW he would. He’s not going to fix all the problems in our lives, but He will give us pockets of peace in between the challenges. And I am eternally thankful for that service to me.

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