My Basement Marathon: Adapting Goals and Getting to the Finish Line!

Once upon a time (like 6 months ago😉) I had high hopes of running a marathon on Pioneer Day, just 2 days before the 2-year anniversary of my hysterectomy and 3 days before my 36th birthday. Then life happened – gut issues, family sickness for a month, and other “stuff”.

But I reeeally still wanted to reach that goal in some capacity. So the week of my birthday I got up early and spent 4 workouts running and walking this 26.2 distance on my treadmill. I hadn’t trained and I know it’s not the same as doing an actual marathon event, but I’m SOOO proud of myself because I still went the distance anyway, even if it wasn’t in the hardcore, one-day, planned, exciting way. It was in my hot stuffy unfinished basement with no air ventilation or cooling.

But I did it! Also, I did it for ME! I didn’t do it for anyone else. I almost didn’t share about it because of how personal an accomplishment it was to push myself, cheer myself on, and keep my goal, even if it was modified and I was out of shape. Sure, it wasn’t what I had originally planned, but I still exercised, reached down deep, got up early, and pondered while we made it happen.

Because really, God made it happen with me. I started each jog listening to The Book of Mormon for about a half hour and then listened to uplifting music the rest of the time. He helped me and inspired me. I felt Him close through the scriptures and music. It was a truly spiritual experience.

Whatever your fitness goals, work on them. Make time for them. Make time for you. Make space for God to be part of that journey. If you need to adjust those goals, that’s ok! At least you’re doing something! Partial credit counts!

I’ve been in better shape and I’ve been in worse shape, but no matter what, I know God is cheering me on as I’m trying to take better care of myself so I can be the best version of me in today’s circumstances and so I can physically do the things I’m meant to do. But that support isn’t unique to me.

He’s there for you too!

Happy #workoutwednesday!

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