Smiling in the Eye of the Storm

“Smiling in the Eye of the Storm” That’s what I call this photo. I’d been crying on and off as I talked with my best friend from childhood on the phone for nearly 2 hours.

I can still remember the stress slightly lifting and some of the jumbled pieces in my mind falling into place as we talked. Nothing was fixed. The challenges were all still there. But I was heard and validated. Peace had reentered my stormy heart for a moment.

Instead of continuing to insist that my kids play on their own, I began to kick a ball with my daughter and wrap up my conversation. I began to notice the beauty of the fallen leaves again. Life’s circumstances would continue to be a rollercoaster, because it wasn’t all in my control, but for the moment I was having a break from the ride.

That’s what a good talk with a true friend can do.

I took a selfie so I wouldn’t forget this day. I’ve been slow to write lately because of stress, schedules, and unconsciously withdrawing when times are hard. But I have to say thank you to the many friends who reachout to me and text when they’re thinking of me, and who are available for long phone calls like this one.

Thank you for ministering to me like the angels you are. You help me face my family’s battles with faith and you help me find the eye of the storm.

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