Nothing Scary Here! Just love.

A few months ago I would have picked this apart.

“You didn’t capitalize the first letter.” “You capitalized a letter in the middle of the sentence.” “Don’t just use a period. Use something else to end the sentence.”

I’m kinda cringing thinking about it, but I’m learning to forgive my weaknesses too. Today I’m grateful, proud, and full of love for their efforts and willingness to serve a friend (without any complaints about it too).

What’s the difference? Why am I more chill, loving, and understanding? To be honest, I DON’T REALLY KNOW!! 😂🤣 I do feel heaven giving me a more patient perspective and I really love it.

I also think it has to do a little with the more solid school routine we have going on. We’re not perfect but it’s improved. Even if there are mistakes I know we’re working on them everyday and growing all the time, so what’s a few small errors in the big scheme of things? Their willingness and great attitudes make up for any goofs!

I hope, no, I KNOW God looks at me this way, accepting my efforts along with my imperfections. Isn’t it great to know our offerings are accepted and loved? I hope you can be accepting of yourself and love yourself too!

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