3 Weeks Deep in New Year’s Resolutions

3 weeks ago my husband made a beautiful point about New Year’s resolutions. We were a couple of days into the 2020 and were finally sitting down with the kids to help them put some goals down on paper. I explained what a resolution was and said one of mine was to blog every day…and that I’d already missed doing that. He disagreed.

He said that the point of a resolution was to work on that goal and the qualities to develop it so that it was something you were doing by the end of the year. I might not be writing every day YET, but over the months I’ll keep working on it and gradually write more frequently. Then, by December of 2020 or so, I’ll hopefully have reached the goal of writing daily.

I’ve got to admit, the thought kind of blew me away. I’d never considered a New Year’s resolution this way. I’d always seen it as more of an all or nothing pursuit. But I liked it, this more gentle, encouraging, long-term approach. So I decided to share it with you today, three weeks into 2020. If you’ve lost some steam or feel like you’ve missed the mark, don’t worry. It can still be part of the process. Just stay on the journey.

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