God’s Love Is the Ultimate Healer

I’ve been trying to let go of some serious anger and pain that’s accumulated over the past couple of years, that’s been affecting my health and damming my spiritual, emotional, and even physical progress. It’s hard! So hard.

I’ve found myself bargaining with God, pleading for my circumstances to change, and poisonous anger welling up in my soul. “Why?” “Why didn’t they…?” “Why didn’t I…?” I don’t want to divulge details because right now I’m working on cleaning out that infection in my heart and…healing.

As I’ve meditated, prayed, and studied the scriptures and prophets, my answer ALWAYS comes back to Love. How do we access this Love? Well, Patience. Like nuclear levels of patience. Humility. Not the fake kind but the miracle, tender mercy kind when you bite your tongue, tell Anger to sit this one out, and you recognize everyone is human and imperfect, including you.

Honestly, it’s exhausting. It’s emotionally draining. BUT so is fighting. So is blaming. So is regret. So I’m back to my yoga, and my divine breathing, and my listening to wonderful speeches like The Canker of Contention. Here are some screenshots of the aha quotes that brought me peace this morning from that message…

WOW, right? I CAN have more peace in my life, the kind that’s only accessible through the Prince of Peace. I need it, my family needs it, and the world needs every patch of peace we can create through greater love for each other. ♥️

One more thought, on yesterday’s hike I had a strong, peaceful impression. I told my kids that with all the living things in this grand view, God still knew and loved the tiniest flower we had to focus on to notice.

He knows and loves the moss on the rocks! And the dirt under it! If that’s true, He definitely knows each of us by name too. And loves us. And if He loves and forgives and prays for each of us, I can too.

Love, Eva

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  1. I love reading your inspiration Eva! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your heart ♡|

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