Christ: The Handy Man who Resurrects ALL Things

Marriage is HARD. SUPER HARD. It’s also WORTH IT. I believe that deeply, which is why we keep working at it. As a couple we’ve been to 7 counselors over nearly 16 years.♥️ Sometimes I feel like giving up. But I know that’s Worry, Anger, or Tiredness speaking. But the Gospel gives me hope. I feel impressions from the Spirit, and I follow them. Once I breathe, pray, remember a scripture or hymn, text a friend, or clear my head with a good cry and reset, I feel Love & Compassion enter my mind again, because we are meant to keep trying. It takes time but the good, goofy times come back, like this unique date.

If I didn’t believe in prayer, personal revelation, and that marriage is meant to be forever, I would have quit years ago. It’s the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ that’s given me strength to see the silver linings and stick with it when I thought it was hopeless. It’s latter-day revelation that’s helped me be more patient, forgiving, & loving. It’s The Book of Mormon & Bible that have made me want to be that way more. And it’s belief in Christ that’s given me faith that a marriage that felt dead could be resurrected and given new life!

The blessings of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ have saved my marriage again & again! I am forever grateful that prayer is real. That blessings from a loving Heavenly Father are real. That angels are real. That ministering is real (you incredible ladies know who you are)! That Hope is real. No matter the fight or fear, hope is not lost when your hope is IN Christ. Over and over, my marriage has been a fixer upper. Well, so am I. So are you. So is everything still growing & developing. That’s OK. That’s wonderful actually, because witnessing progress is wonderful too. It can be painful, but still wonderful. And that progress, the eternal kind, is possible through Jesus Christ.

I am eternally thankful I #hearhim through feelings, music, scriptures, inspired words of latter-day prophets, friends & family. His words & impressions bring healing and hope for all that is broken – marriages, hearts, & dreams. To all the people who feel like fixer uppers, I promise God sees you as more than that. “Don’t you quit.” “It will all work out in the end.” Just believe. ♥

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