You Can’t Rush a Sunrise

You can’t rush a sunrise. That’s what I thought when I watched this unfiltered magnificence the other morning by myself in the stillness of our backyard. The same is true for self-discovery.

I’ve been more of my true introvert-self this summer, focusing on home, family, love (for myself and others) and nurturing just a handful of close relationships. Part of me feels like I’ve missed out on sharing our fun in social media during this break. You might be seeing our porch Easter portraits at the same time as our autumn ones.😂 But that’s OK. That’s what I’ve needed. And as Spock said, “What is necessary is never unwise.”

Honestly, I’ve been trying to slow down and #hearhim and figure out what I’m supposed to be doing and what happiness is in this new season of life. My kids are older. I’m growing too. I feel like as soon as I figure out one part of life, the game changes. LOL But that’s OK. It means we learn more, grow more, and get to love like Christ MORE through the changes. And I wouldn’t edit that process from my life. I wouldn’t hurry that along for anything.

Sometimes it’s hard. It’s not a flashy process. It’s quiet. That’s OK. And it’s slow. And can be lonely sometimes. That’s OK too. After all, some of the most beautiful things in life take their time and happen when we’re alone. So today I’m thankful for stillness, solo time, for progress on that journey of self-discovery, and for sunrises. Oh, what a beautiful summer it’s been.

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