A Surprise with Pie

I’m doing some post catch-ups since I got behind sharing my social media posts here. This one is from 3.14…Pie Day!

The pie shelves were pretty bare tonight, but that’s ok! I found something much better at the grocery store – FRIENDS!! I ran into not one, but TWO people I haven’t seen in a while and it was soooo great to catch up! After a hard past several days, it felt like the sun was shining again, no matter what the pie shelves looked like. One was even wearing a shirt that said “Good Vibes” and that’s exactly what they shared with me. 🙌🏽

Life’s going to have its heavy moments but God never leaves us on our own. He can’t do that to us – He loves us too much! ❤️ There are always people who love us more than we realize and who are rooting for us, loving us from afar. ⛅️ They’ll help us feel the sunshine again and realize that life really is sweet, pie or no pie.

Today there was definitely that mini miracle of a tender mercy…as well as enough pie to go around!

Remember, God loves you!

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