Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by! It’s my life’s mission to share Christ’s hope freely through music and media that helps us feel him close.

Though I’ve shared hope through exercise videos, arts classes, and self-help books, when it comes down to it, Jesus is really all the hope we need. When our efforts to fix life’s heartaches have failed, Christ reaches out to succor us. Since life is short – and because I’ve grown-up a little and don’t feel the need to please everyone or make money as a Creative anymore – I’ve completely revamped my site and brand to reflect what matters most to me – Jesus. If I only have a little bit of time to create between being a mom, wife and homeschool teacher, then I want what I create to speak of Christ, preach of Christ, and bring people to Christ so they can feel his comfort.

I’m happy to say neither UpliftingEva or RiseUpandSmile are my blog names because I don’t have all the answers and I don’t want to be vague. I want to be clear that Christ does. Any solutions I’ve ever had have always come from his light. Though I’ve tried to reflect my testimony in my writing, I hope my new site and content make it abundantly clear – Jesus Christ is our Savior in every sense of the word. As someone who’s struggled with depression, anxiety, and other health conditions, I’ve learned that when life is darkest, my Heavenly Parents and brother, Jesus Christ, still love me and are there to suffer with me, strengthen me, and relieve me of my burdens. That truth has helped more than any happy habit. This is why I want to speak and sing about those truths – at no cost to anyone.

God’s motivation to me through music is a gift that’s meant to be paid forward. The only “payment” I can hope for is that you’ll share anything here that lifts you. I pray the songs and stories here will help YOU feel our Heavenly Parents’ love. Search the scriptures. Pray. Meditate. find ways that he speaks to you personally. Christ comforts and carries all of us. Just as he did when he walked the earth, he can do so for us now. Thank you for listening, reading, and helping spread his hope. Together, let’s learn to feel Christ close.