Ministering (or Mental Ministering or Selfcare)

Loving our neighbor as ourselves implies that we LOVE ourselves, in the verb form, and I think that starts in our mind. Love is patient, kind and forgiving. If we don’t practice charity in our own souls, it will be very hard to show compassion to others. This is where I gather ideas on how to minister to myself in ways that will keep my mind, body and spirit truly happy. By following the Savior’s example in practical ways, I know we can all learn to give ourselves and others the mercy and grace that we all need.

Blog posts and videos on the topic:

Beautiful Burt Offerings

Keeping it real with this video after early morning dental work! Sometimes are best efforts only produce sideways or halfway results, but God is good, grace is powerful, and it’s all still going to be OK…eventually! Like when the Novocain wears off!

Again, this is an older video clip ( like this one but remembering this still helps me take care of me as I work on mentally ministering to myself. (If I don’t take care of me, how can I take care of anyone else, right?) The world will always have turmoil, but I can remember what really matters – the peace and love I feel on the INSIDE. The encouragement within others. There is so much more goodness than just what we can see.

It’s been a while since I recorded this, but my heart still feels the same. (It’s just finally a little braver and ready to share consistently!) Whatever you are going through, believe Christ is with you…because he is! He can and probably already is helping you. If you look for him and listen for him (maybe in the voice of good friends and the scriptures) you will find him and his strength.