Music – Notes from Heaven

I process hard times and good times through songwriting. Luckily, God knows this about me so he sends me songs. As I sit with a blank page, my scriptures, and a prayer for connection in my heart, comforting notes come from heaven. They are gifts. Thank you for letting me share them with you. I hope something here helps you feel real hope and God’s effortless, eternal love for you.

Late night. Messy ponytail. Heaven’s love. I hope you can see through (and hear through) my flaws to the pure message of this song… It’s meant for the person who needs to hear that God loves us all just the way we are, so trust in that love and let it be enough. ❤ ❤ ❤

God gets me through everything – the good days, the hard days, and everything in between. This song is about how I #Hearhim in my life. A few years ago my church asked us to create art sharing how we hear God speak to us, and tonight I’m pausing all my excuses and am putting this out there because God IS REAL and he REALLY loves sloppy, scatterbrained, wonderful you. He loves you in your struggles and successes. He loves you in your pain and your peace. He loves how hard you try and how you keep going. He loves how you ask for help and how you help each other. Today being the 🥳 192nd anniversary of my church’s first meeting (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), it felt right to celebrate that birthday by finally sharing this song because I don’t know where I would be without my faith. Hearing God and feeling His love gets me through everything. I hope this simple song helps you feel some hope and love too. ❤️

What My Daddy Would Say is on the Moments tab too since it came from a “tender mercy” moment, but since it’s also a song it’s also here. The story about how I wrote it is in the description once you click on the link…

I was 38 when I filmed this, the same age as when Joseph Smith was martyred. It’s hard to imagine my life ending now just because of how I live my religion. There is so much more I still want to do! Freedom of faith is a blessing I try not to take for granted as I sing, share and write about Christ. I’m so thankful for the sacrifices they made so that I can have the spiritual liberty and life I have now. They are heroes and they deserve to be remembered.

Every year The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints comes out with a youth album based on that year’s theme. In 2020, the original song by Nik Day, I Will Go & Do, was the main anthem. Performed by David Archuleta, it is a deeply moving song about how even when we aren’t sure what path we should take in life, Jesus offers comfort and hope. I don’t know how many times I sang and hummed this song since the chaos of 2020, but it definitely has brought me peace. I hope you’ll watch the original (…) and enjoy my testimony and rendition. No copyright infringement intended. Just helping promote & chronicle my artist of choice.

I recorded Be Still My Soul on 6/26/2016 for a friend going through a tragedy. I know it didn’t change her loss, but it brought her a measure of peace as (I found out later) this song was already significant to her. I wasn’t aware of that when I chose it, but felt like I should share it and acted on that inner nudge. This experience reminds me that God knows all things. He wants to bless us, but He often does so through others. So, even if it’s in small ways (like a song, text, or smile), do what you can to lift others. That’s exactly what Jesus did and that’s the best any of us can hope to be.