Musical Come Follow Me Podcast, Episode 1

Last week I said I would share a story about a time I tried taking my life.

Here it is. ❤️ And why I’m still here. 🙏 And a song. 🎶 You can watch it on my new channel on YouTube by clicking here. Be sure to subscribe to the new Feel Like Christ channel for the latest content! (I’ll be switching all my Lift Like Christ videos over there!)

For 3 years I’ve wanted to have a scripture podcast, but I wasn’t sure what the focus should be or how I should do it or how to make the time.

Well, tonight I stopped trying to make my recording perfect or my house perfect or my face perfect or my plan perfect before I started.

This is you and me sitting in my room talking about real pain and real hope through a simple story, scripture and song.

I hope it helps you know that you are NEVER alone, that we ALL are needed and that miracles STILL happen. I am literal living proof of that.🕯️

So please be patient with yourself and with God.💗

He ALWAYS stand by you and will help you fight your battles.👊

“I believe in second chances, even third and fourth.”

If you think this could help someone, plz Like and Share the hope! Till next time, here are the song lyrics. I hope they help you remember not to quit. With God, you can do anything.

Remember, God loves YOU!

Your Own Yellow Brick Road

© Eva Barnett 2017/

I believe in second chances even third and fourth

How ever many it may take to reach what’s worth reaching for

I believe in happy endings happy middles too

And if you aren’t quite happy yet say plot twist and push through

Push through it’s what we’re meant to do

Keep going keep trying keep swimming keep flying

Keep keep keep spreading those wings wings wings

Keep laughing keep hoping keep dancing keep rowing

Keep keep keep all of your dreams dreams dreams afloat

And you’ll find that wherever you go you’re on your own yellow brick road

Sometimes life gets muddy the road’s not even paved

You feel like you’re going uphill in the snow both ways

That’s why God made snowshoes and the sunshine too

So even when it’s cloudy that bright sunshine can shine through so shine too

It’s what we’re meant to do

Keep going keep trying keep swimming keep flying

Keep keep keep spreading those wings wings wings

Keep laughing keep hoping keep dancing keep rowing

Keep keep keep all of your dreams dreams dreams afloat

And you’ll find that wherever you go you’re on your own yellow brick road

Some people say all good things must end

But I simply smile and whisper to them

When a door closes a window opens

It sounds cliché I know but it’s still true so

Keep going keep trying keep swimming keep flying

Keep keep keep spreading those wings wings wings

Keep laughing keep hoping keep dancing keep rowing

Keep keep keep all of your dreams dreams dreams

Keep loving keep healing keep praying believing

Keep keep keep faith through all things things things

Keep giving keep chancing keep singing keep planting

Keep keep keep growing the deep deep roots of your soul

Don’t you let them go

And you’ll find that wherever wherever

You go you’re on your own yellow brick road

I believe in second chances even third and fourth


“Feel Christ Close” Introduction

Here’s a little video to serve as an introduction to Feel Christ Close, the new name for my site with a tighter focus on sharing hope in Christ! ☀️It’s OK if we’re not always happy, confident or at peace. Christ is there for us in the storms too. ⛅️He will come to us, mourn with us, and calm the waves…eventually, as we trust in him and lean on his love. Learning how you #feelhimclose is essential to make it through this life’s journey with real hope. 💡I’ve felt his power again and again on my good days so I can remember those moments on my hardest days. When I feel Christ close, I can get through anything.

I’m so grateful for a God that doesn’t need perfection now. ❤️Who loves me where I’m at and teaches me to do the same for myself and others. 🤟We can do all things through Christ when we are close to him and feel his restorative power in us. So turn to him, cleave unto him and find ways to invite him into your life more. That’s the only way to feel lasting hope and peace. 🥲 I’m excited for this more focused journey of coming unto Christ. I hope we can learn from each other and #comeuntohim as we feel Christ close a little bit more each day.

A Surprise with Pie

I’m doing some post catch-ups since I got behind sharing my social media posts here. This one is from 3.14…Pie Day!

The pie shelves were pretty bare tonight, but that’s ok! I found something much better at the grocery store – FRIENDS!! I ran into not one, but TWO people I haven’t seen in a while and it was soooo great to catch up! After a hard past several days, it felt like the sun was shining again, no matter what the pie shelves looked like. One was even wearing a shirt that said “Good Vibes” and that’s exactly what they shared with me. 🙌🏽

Life’s going to have its heavy moments but God never leaves us on our own. He can’t do that to us – He loves us too much! ❤️ There are always people who love us more than we realize and who are rooting for us, loving us from afar. ⛅️ They’ll help us feel the sunshine again and realize that life really is sweet, pie or no pie.

Today there was definitely that mini miracle of a tender mercy…as well as enough pie to go around!

Remember, God loves you!

LOTR Inspiration

This morning as I pondered on a couple of things I’m struggling with, some beautiful, guiding thoughts trickled into my mind. Among them was this quote from The Fellowship of the Ring.

My youngest is currently reading this book, so the story has been on my mind more than usual. I couldn’t help but think, Wow! God is so good to give us such personal moments of revelation! He WANTS to connect with us, comfort us and encourage us.

I love how God loves me enough that He speaks to me in ways that I can hear and feel His guidance. I love that He answers prayers. That is a miracle to me. I know he does that for all of us because He loves all of His children, including you! Seek Him out and you will find him.

Beautiful Burnt Offerings

Last week on a long work-at-home day, I asked my youngest son to make me some toast. He was eager to help but as I typed away at the dining room table I soon smelled the familiar aroma of burnt toast.

A sibling pointed out the obvious. I could hear mumblings back and forth along with scraping sounds. Since I was just grateful someone was making me a snack, I stepped in to celebrate with some gratitude.

“That looks great! Thank you for making me toast.”

“It’s a little bit darker.”

“That’s ok! I’m a little bit darker too. 😉”

Then I helped him smooth it all out with some delicious cream cheese. And it WAS good.

Too often we think our offerings to others aren’t good enough. But I think people are usually just glad to be on the receiving end of love, generosity, a compliment, or yummy breakfast foods – know I was. I think God is happy when we share those things with others too. Ministering happens in moments, and sometimes are widow’s mite means more to others than we ever imagined.

So think more of your burnt offerings, and enjoy the ones that happen to land on your plate. Life’s too short to be picky about our blessings! ❤️

God loves you!

There is always Light

“The Lord is my light, then why should I fear?” 🎵🎶 Seriously, though! Why do I fear a lot anyway? Even when I’ve been blessed with so much? I guess it’s because I’m a spiritual being having a mortal experience, so sometimes it’s hard to feel like God is close. But He is. All the time! Kind of like sunlight. We go through most days not even noticing it. It’s all around us, and we see right through it. It’s when it’s gone that we miss it. But then again, it’s never really gone, it’s just out of sight. It’s the same with our Heavenly Father and Jesus. They have done so much for us and continue to, and they ALWAYS will. ❤️ #thoughtfulthursday

Thanksgiving Letter: A New Tradition (Maybe)


Dear Family & Friends,

Each year for the past 15 years of marriage I’ve wanted to get our annual letter out at Thanksgiving time so Christmas could be that much more focused on the Savior. This year, we finally did it! (Even though I’m posting it a week late. LOL) Here are some highlights of our year and what we are grateful for. (Maybe it’s even better to pause and think about gratitude again now that the crazy shopping and other Christmas chaos has started.)

“I’m thankful that I’ve been able to provide for our family even though I lost a job. I’m thankful that I can work on the temple grounds as part of their grounds crew. I’m thankful that we were able to go to Minnesota and be at Nickerson for a long time. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to see the kids in several plays this year. I’m thankful that I was able to go fishing with Sammy, Michael, and Sophia and that they all caught fish. I’m grateful I was able to go hunting with Michael for his first time hunting with his own gun. I’m thankful that I was able to take a Genealogy course and learn more about family history. And I’m thankful for a warm home.” – Chad

“I’m thankful I’ve been able to have a front row seat to my kids’ and husband’s growth. I’m thankful for their health, curiosity, brilliance, kindness, and strength. I’m grateful I’m healing from surgeries and that we’ve been able to go to the temple each month at least once. I’m grateful for the peace that’s there. I’m thankful for everyone’s support in developing my talents and using them to serve, such as family photos, writing, and singing. I’m thankful for all the support we feel from you all, both nearby and across the miles. Above all, I’m thankful to God for giving me this blessed life and family.” – Eva

“I’m thankful that we got to go to Minnesota, and that we got to do the play Bye Bye Birdie. I’m grateful that we got to go to the Planetarium in SLC with Grandpa and Grandma DeLong. I’m thankful we got to go to the Discovery Gateway museum with friends, and that I got to go to my friend’s party in Lehi. I’m thankful libraries exist. I’m thankful for books. I’m thankful for my homeschool co-op, and that I got to take dance class and guitar there and be in the showcase. I’m grateful I can do sleepovers at Grandma Anderson’s and for movies. I’m thankful that we started a homeschool newspaper and that the 8th book of one of my favorite series, “Amulet,” came out. I’m grateful I got to post some videos on my YouTube channel this year, and also that I got to go to Girl’s Camp for my church and get my Faith in God Award. And I’m thankful I got a new art book to draw in.” – Sophia, age 12

“I’m thankful I got to go to Minnesota. We got to go shooting and fishing, and I like doing those things. I’m also thankful that I had a fun birthday. I got a shotgun, and I had a fun party. I’m also thankful I got to be in a show. It was Bye Bye Birdie. I’m thankful I got to go hunting, and I got two pheasants. Dad and Uncle Evan helped me so I’m grateful for them. I’m grateful for my family. I’m thankful I got my Arrow of Light for Cub Scouts. And I’m thankful for our pets.” – Michael, age 11

“I’m thankful that we got to go to Nickerson, and that I got a full-grown, largemouth bass. And I’m thankful that we got to go on the Cruiser. And I’m also thankful for my cousin Max. He gave me a ride on a four-wheeler and we saw 2 deer and 1 bunny rabbit. And I’m also thankful for my birthday at the pool. It was really fun. We got to do the diving boards, and I got to do the high dive. I’m thankful my dad taught me how to dive. And I’m also thankful for my bike to ride on and that I got to learn how to ride with no training wheels this year. And I’m thankful for the scriptures, and my family, and Christmas, and cats. ” – Sam, age 7

We wish you a very happy (belated) Thanksgiving!
Thank you for being part of our wonderful lives!

Love, The Barnetts