Feeling is Human ♥️

That was yesterday afternoon.

Below is how how I felt not even 24 hours before.

This is reality for a lot of us. Feeling incredibly “blessed” like my shirt says one moment and discouraged and depleted the next, sometimes for days at a time. This is what it’s like when there are heavy, ongoing challenges in life but also overwhelming goodness around us and on the horizon.

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Perfect Faith in Perfect Love

As we wrote our annual goals (AKA gift to Jesus) this year and I pondered what I could do better or give up to be more like him, something heavy hit me. Hard. For years I have struggled to do what I need to do. I’ve written entire books while I’ve distracted myself from my bigger purpose. I’ve lost weight and gained weight. I’ve read. Written and rewritten song. I’ve taught, danced, conducted, and cuddled…which are some very good things, but not THE THING.

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